Cybersecurity for MSPs

We take care of cybersecurity so you can focus on your business. Vade’s solutions for MSPs are purpose-built for fast deployment, ease of use, and optimal protection. Discover our solutions for MSPs to learn how Vade can help you grow your managed security services—without adding to your headcount.

Protect your Microsoft 365 clients from email-borne cyberattacks

Microsoft is the #1 target for hackers, creating security challenges for MSPs who are responsible for protecting their clients. Microsoft’s native email security catches standard threats, but it’s no match for today’s dynamic attacks against Microsoft 365.

Vade for M365 is a low-touch, AI-based threat detection and response solution that blocks sophisticated ransomware, phishing, and spear phishing attacks. Integrated with Microsoft 365 via API, it augments Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) with an added layer of protection backed by patented AI technologies.

Grow your managed security services with a scalable cybersecurity solution

The popularity of Microsoft 365 makes it a perfect fit for MSPs who currently offer or plan to offer managed security services, but complex cybersecurity solutions require highly skilled staff and consume precious time and resources.

MSPs who want to grow their Microsoft 365 managed security services need solutions that they can quickly deploy and easily manage, without sacrificing quality or adding to headcount.

Key benefits of Vade for M365 for MSPs

  • Easy to deploy, bundle, and sell
  • Simple interface with one-click configuration
  • No MX changes or migrations
  • Cross-tenant incident response management
  • Low maintenance, high margins
  • Fast time to value, no hidden licensing costs

Take a tour of Vade for M365

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Integrated features for low-touch, streamlined managed security services

Vade for M365 offers integrated, no-cost features designed to help MSPs create and sell a range of managed services with a single solution.

MSP Response

Remediate and report emails across your clients’ tenants from a central location.

Automated User Awareness Training

Deliver contextual training with real phishing emails and webpages when end users interact with malicious emails.

Threat Intel & Investigation

Export logs to any SIEM/EDR/XDR, investigate emails and attachments, and remediate user reported emails.


Protect your clients from post-delivery threats with continual scanning, AI-powered auto-remediation.

Ready to fast-track your managed Microsoft 365 security services?