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Email Malware | Anti-Malware Email Security

Layered Protection

Identify and isolate email malware before users have a chance to engage. Our artificial intelligence technology can stop even zero-day threats.

Technical Analysis

We examine every remaining email for technical indicators of potential problems as well as assessing every URL and attachment.

Fingerprint Analysis

We start where most solutions finish. Known threats are quickly identified and removed from the inbox through fingerprint analysis and two separate anti-virus databases.

Behavioral Analysis

Our artificial intelligence technology sifts through hundreds of further potential stylistic, behavioral, or technical indicators to eliminate any remaining problematic emails, URLs, or attachments.

Comprehensive File Analysis

Malicious files aren’t just hidden in executable files, common PDF, Word documents, they can lurk in any type of file. This is why Vade Secure analyzes and scans all attachments for malicious code, regardless of what their extensions may be. Even as hackers become more advanced with their techniques, Vade Secure is there to stop potential malware attacks in their tracks.

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Make Email Malware a Thing of the Past!

Vade Secure’s layered approach: standard fingerprint analysis, technical analysis, and behavioral analysis… combined with 2 external antivirus scans is the most effective email malware defense that modern organizations can ask for.