Anti Malware & Ransomware for Protection of your emails

More than 220 million
malware and ransomware
blocked each year

Professional emails are a focus of malware attacks because they can
contact companies’ IT systems, which have become essential to all organizations.
Large companies or small- to medium-sized companies, all email users are targeted.
Slowing down or blocking IT systems, industrial espionage,
theft of data and requests to pay ransom are common today.
Vade Secure blocks all forms of malware from the first attack using systematic analysis of the origin,
the contents and the context of each email. Low-volume sophisticated attacks or evolving attacks, ransomware,
nothing gets through thanks to our predictive defense solutions.

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Defense and protection Malware & Ransomware from the first attack

The Vade Secure filter uses artificial intelligence
to provide predictive protection against all types
of threats, known and unknown, including against multi-form attacks.
The filter is automatically updated thanks to daily analysis of billions of data bits
in real time, providing immediate protection from
the first attack, even if low-volume.
Protect your company against ransomware

Anti-malware - various files

Predictive analysis to detect Malware and Ransomware


The filter first performs a logged analysis of the email to block attacks, including the technical contents of the header, which provides rapid elimination of mass threats.


The filter searches the contents and the behavior of all the URL’s as well as all attached documents, looking for a malicious code which could install malware.


Using the email behavior, Vade Secure also analyzes the email’s complete context. Complete understanding of the context identifies deviations and blocks threats in a predictive way.

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Technologies and Service of our Malware and Ransomware protection

Predictive technologies
Multi-layer analyses focus consecutively on the origins, contents and contexts of the emails. Known, unknown and multi-form threats are stopped at the first email version, the “zero hour” email.

Analyzes URL’s in real-time, at the time of click, which counters dynamic phishing attacks.

Continuous protection
The filter is updated in real time to provide optimal 24/7 protection.

Immediate implementation and protection
Ready to use, this solution immediately protects the company, and requires no complex setting routines.

Attack reports in real time
The dashboard offers a summary view of attack attempts, messages which are valid, suspect or rejected in real time.

Global Threat Center
Our threat management centers are located at 5 sites around the world to provide “follow-the-sun” global protection 24/7.

An effective and healthy email system.
Vade Secure guarantees quarantining 99.99% of threats.

Compatible with


Office 365

G suite


and all email solutions

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