Anti Spam & Graymail to stop non-priority emails

55 to 95% of total email traffic is considered non-priority

Graymail and spam are a main source of lost productive time in a company. An average user receives 39 emails by day, of which
at least 25 are useless or non-priority.

Vade Secure helps your users improve the management of their emails and concentrate on what’s important. Thanks to automatic management and classification of the email system,
users increase their productivity and gain optimal and secure use of their email.


Improve your users’ experience and time management in the company

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Difference between graymail and spam


Receiving advertising or newsletters are good examples of graymail. These messages, “which were agreed at a given point in time”, are sent in ever-greater volumes, and can be distracting. Notifications from social networks, newsletters, information from your suppliers — all these emails can result in lost productivity.



Spam or spamming is a massive and automatic sending, sometimes repeated, of unsolicited emails, to people with whom the sender has never had contact, and who has obtained the email addresses in an irregular fashion.


Anti spam and Graymail solution that improves users’ experience and improves productivity

Improve productivity

Gain transparency and get optimal use out of your email system. Vade Secure allows you to concentrate on what’s important and directly access your priority messages without being distracted by other messages.

Inbox zero

With Vade Secure, your email system becomes efficient and enjoyable to use. Your inbox becomes transparent and legible, thanks to upstream classification of your email as a function of type.

Management of e-subscriptions

One click secure unsubscribe ensures you only receive the emails you want and easily eliminates unsolicited communications such as spam. It also filters the communications you have unsubscribed from.

Clear efficiency

Vade Secure classifies your emails with a detection rate greater than 99.999% and ensures that you receive priority emails with a 0.000062% false positive rate.

We detect and classify 100% of non-priority emails

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Filtering spam and graymail

Vade Secure’s filter classifies all messages as a function of their contents and their significance: inter-employee, advertising, notifications from social networks, spam, etc.Significant emails arrive in your inbox, graymails are delivered to a dedicated file and spam is placed in a quarantine.

One click unsubscribe from newsletters with complete security

Unsubscribe is done with one click. The unsubscribe URL is identified in the email, and the unsubscribe process takes place automatically, in real-time and with complete security.  It’s never been so easy to clean your emails!


Compatible with all email systems.

Exchange     Microsoft 365     Gsuite     Zimbra …

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