Anti-Spam Solution

Forty-seven percent of global email traffic is spam. While annoying promotional emails make up a significant portion of spam, not all spam is harmless. It decreases productivity, consumes bandwidth, and can cause significant damage to an organization if malicious.

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Modern Spam Detection

Today’s spammers are proficient and relentless. They’ve moved away from easy-to-detect, mass spam waves and toward low-volume campaigns leveraging obfuscation techniques to avoid detection.

Spam often comes in the form of phony advertisements for products, but spam also has the potential to carry harmful viruses that can impact business operations.


AI-Based Spam Detection Techniques

Vade uses artificial intelligence, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to conduct a behavioral analysis of the entire email. This advanced filtering process goes beyond signature and reputation scanning, an outdated filtering method that misses unreported and short-wave spam.

Below are just a few of the ways that spammers bypass signature and reputation-based filtering:

  • Abusing high reputation domains and IPs
  • Sending spam in low volumes
  • Conducting short-wave campaigns
  • Using remotely hosted images to conceal textual content

Anti-Spam Products

Vade’s anti-spam technology is embedded into all its products and solutions.

Email Content Filter

Powerful anti-malware protection for ISPs, telcos, and email service providers.
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Vade for M365

Malware & Ransomware detection and incident response for Microsoft 365.
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Vade Cloud

Cloud-based email security

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