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Graymail Management | Spam Filtering

Increase Productivity

Improve the visibility of high-priority emails.

Enable InboxZero

Allow your users to relax at the end of the day with no emails left in their inbox.

Advanced Subscription Management

Unbelievably easy unsubscribe system.

Incredibly Effective

Catch rate > 99.999%
False positive < 0.000062%

What is Graymail?

Graymail isn’t really spam, in that the recipient generally opted-in at some point in the past. However, users typically lose interest in bulk commercial mailings over time and the line between spam and these unwanted commercial messages tends to blur in users minds. Especially as graymail can absorb up to 82% of the typical users inbox.

Graymail is a hassle that users have to manage and tends to obscure more important emails—thus impacting user productivity.

Graymail classification model
Spam and Graymail Management

Spam and Graymail Classification Engine

Vade Secure’s filtering engine classifies each and every message in different categories—commercial emails, newsletters, social network notifications, viruses, spam, and legitimate email. This greatly simplifies the inbox for users.

We detect and classify 100% of non-priority emails for you!

Powerful and Crazy-Easy Unsubscribe

Vade Secure’s Safe Unsubscribe feature allows users to unsubscribe to unwanted “graymail” lists in just a single click. Our Safe Unsubscribe service supports all unsubscribe methods and is 4X faster for the user than competing solutions. Your users will be amazed at how easy it is to unsubscribe to unwanted communications.

Graymail unsubscription