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What is an Open Redirect Attack?

Impersonation is one of the most common and reliable tactics of any hacker. It naturally causes victims to lower their...


Spear Phishing Attacks 2024: A Mid-Q1 Review

Vade recently analyzed a wave of spear-phishing attacks targeting organizations across EMEA and the US. The in-depth...

data theft

Data Theft and the Nefarious Market for Stolen Information

Data has become every organization’s most prized asset. It’s also emerged as their single greatest liability. Data...

Phisher's Favorites

Phishers’ Favorites 2023 Report: Facebook is the Most Impersonated Brand

Today, Vade released the Phishers’ Favorites 2023 Year-in-Review Report, an annual analysis of the top phishing threats...


Enhanced Spear Phishing Detection Comes to Vade for M365

This week, Vade announced enhancements to its spear-phishing detection engine. The update improves the confidence of...


New Spear Phishing and Potential SIM Swapping Attack

Vade has detected a spear phishing attack that solicits phone numbers from intended victims. The targeted attack uses...


Why You Should Switch from an Email Security Gateway (ESG)

Email security gateways (ESGs) no longer match the realities of today's threat landscape.