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Remote Images Are Pushing Email Filters to Their Limits

Phishing emails impersonating popular brands like Microsoft or PayPal need visual content to be successful. From brand logos to co...

January 14, 2021


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After the Phishing Simulation: Filling the Awareness Gap


November 19, 2020

A phishing simulation is a great way to gauge your users’ cybersecurity awareness. But what happens after the simulation? According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, click rates increase and reporting rates drop[...]
Top 6 Phishing Trends of 2020

Top 6 Phishing Trends of 2020


November 12, 2020

Phishers are evolving and taking their attacks to new heights. While the ultimate goal of phishing remains the same, the top targets of spoofing are changing, and the methods of bypassing email filters are more sophisticated than [...]

Defending against email spoofing


November 05, 2020

Email spoofing is a technique for forging an email header to trick recipients into believing a sender is a familiar brand or acquaintance. It’s a critical element of both phishing and spear phishing attacks that can be extremely d[...]

Phishers’ Favorites Q3 2020: Microsoft Phishing Explodes in Summer Surge


October 29, 2020

Today, we published our Phishers’ Favorites report for Q3 2020. Now in its 10th edition, Phishers’ Favorites ranks the 25 most impersonated brands in phishing attacks, based on the number of unique phishing URLs detected by Vade S[...]

Anatomy of a Phishing Email


October 15, 2020

This post was originally published in Nov 2019 and has been updated with new content. Recognizing a phishing email isn’t as easy as it used to be. From clean, error-free text to sharp brand logos and images, the new attacks are hi[...]
Emotet Malware

Emotet Malware Returns to Exploit a World on Edge


October 09, 2020

Relatively silent for most of 2020, apart from a burst of activity in January, Emotet malware reemerged in July with a series of global attacks. It’s not surprising that Emotet went dormant for several months—this is their typical[...]

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