OMDIA Report

Vade targets cloud aggregators and MSPs to reach business customers with its email security

Email continues to be the vector of choice for many kinds of cyber exploits, from phishing campaigns to ransomware: there are estimates to suggest that as much as 90% of all breaches involve email in one way or another. Thus, email security is a must-have, and with ever more business email delivered via Microsoft 365 tools, there is clearly significant market opportunity for Vade’s product. 

If you are a cloud aggregator or MSP seeking to offer security services around Microsoft 365, Vade for M365 is a compelling candidate for your consideration, given its analytics-based approach to detection, its coaching capabilities, and its plans to enable MSP-led incident response.

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  • The most important change in the email security market over the last decade.
  • The key differentiators of Vade's AI-based email security product for MSPs.
  • Why MSPs are the obvious candidates to provide new managed security services.