Phishers’ Favorites 2021 Year-in-Review

The 20 Most Impersonated Brands in Phishing Attacks

Brand impersonation continues to lure users into making the critical mistake of clicking on phishing links. Our Phishers’ Favorites Year-in-Review eBook highlights the most impersonated brands in phishing attacks in 2021 and the phishing trends that dominated the year.

 In this year’s report, Facebook sits at the top spot, barely edging out #2 Microsoft, the most impersonated corporate brand. Download the eBook to see the other brands that made the list, as well as an overview of the sophisticated attacks that lured users into becoming victims.

Highlights from the report:

  • Financial services companies had six brands in the top 20.
  • Monday and Tuesdays were the top days for brand impersonation.
  • 78 percent of phishing occurs on weekdays.
  • Microsoft impersonators achieved new levels of sophistication.

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