Threat Coach: Automating User Awareness Training in Microsoft 365

While phishing simulations can be effective at increasing user awareness, research shows that simulated phishes without context result in low click rates, creating a false sense of security. And as time elapses between training, click rates rise and reporting rates drop.

That’s why Vade developed Threat Coach, an integrated feature of Vade for M365 that steps in and course-corrects when users need it most—when they’ve been phished.

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Watch the replay and learn why MSPs use Threat Coach to automate user awareness training in Microsoft 365. 

  • Why users need automated, on-the-fly phishing training.
  • How Threat Coach delivers contextualized training samples.
  • The top features and benefits of Threat Coach for MSPs.
  • How MSPs can incorporate Threat Coach into their managed security offering.
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