Checklist: How to Increase MSP Sales by Analyzing Current Clients

Keeping clients happy is a constant challenge for MSPs. But for MSPs without significant sales and marketing resources, finding new clients is an even bigger challenge. While many strategies can help you identify the ideal clients to target, one of the most cost-effective strategies is analyzing your current customer base.


Download your resources

Download this one-page checklist for a step-by-step approach for analyzing your current clients to find new target prospects.

Activities covered in the checklist:

  • Assess the value of your current clients across nine factors.
  • Identify your most and least valuable verticals.
  • Develop target personas for your prospects.
  • Identify key attributes of decision-maker(s).

Download the checklist to:

  • Identify new markets or qualify prospects.
  • Evaluate existing sales and marketing efforts.
  • Onboard or train team members.