April 30 at 10 am EST

Google Workspace: Fortifying Your Email Security

At least 9 million organizations use Google Workspace (GWS), making it the second most popular productivity suite in the world. The popularity of GWS continues to soar as businesses reap the benefits of seamless communication and collaboration across their cloud environments.

Still, the features that make GWS attractive to organizations also make it a top target for hackers. To ensure business continuity, organizations need advanced security that protects their top vector for compromise.

Join us for an engaging webinar as our experts reveal the top threats targeting organizations using GWS and the measures they can take to stay protected.


Register for the webinar on April 30 at 10am EST to discover:

  • Top threats targeting GWS users.
  • Why GWS security features alone aren’t enough to keep you protected.
  • How to fortify your human and technological defenses
  • How to sustain a strong and resilient security posture


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