Announcing Reported Emails for Vade for M365

Vade is pleased to announce the release of Reported emails, a new feature of Vade for M365. With this latest enhancement, Vade for M365 enables admins to quickly triage and remediate emails reported from end users via Microsoft Outlook, speeding incident response time and significantly improving a business’s security posture.

What is Reported emails?

Reported emails is an aggregate view of user reported emails in a single interface in Vade for M365. From the Reported emails dashboard, IT admins can set alerts for reported emails and efficiently address and remediate them from a single dashboard, reducing incident response time and eliminating email threats that have been forwarded to other users. Additionally, unreported emails that are similar to emails that have been reported are grouped into clusters, allowing admins to remediate threats in bulk.


Emails reported as either phishing or spam by end users via the Outlook add-in must be reviewed by Microsoft 365 admins so they can be quickly triaged and remediated. Admins who are using a third-party email security solution must go to Microsoft Exchange to review user reported messages.

The process of reviewing and remediating emails in Exchange is time-consuming and complex: the emails must be reviewed individually, are not grouped by similar emails, and cannot be remediated from the user reported messages dashboard. This negatively impacts IT productivity and significantly increases the time it takes to respond to security events, putting the business at risk. The Reported emails feature solves these challenges and offers the following benefits:

  • Aggregated user reports: Admins will save considerable time reviewing user reported messages in Vade for M365, rather than switching to Microsoft Exchange.

  • Remediation: With the ability to remediate user reported emails from one dashboard, IT can decrease the time it takes to remove potentially dangerous messages from user inboxes and prevent similar emails from spreading throughout the organization.

  • Clustered emails: Because user reported emails and similar, yet unreported emails are grouped into clusters (when applicable), admins can save time remediating emails in bulk and even remediate threats that have been forwarded to other users.

  • Reported email alerts: Configuring alerts in the Reported emails dashboard, admins can ensure they do not miss important user reports.

Reported emails is part of the future Threat Intel & Investigation add-on for end users that is currently in free beta. It will be in production on December 1, 2022 and available to Vade partners/MSPs who have Partner Access enabled.

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