How to develop your managed security services

Demand for cloud services is higher than ever, but the promise of cloud and its access-anywhere nature comes with security risks. That’s why it’s essential to integrate cybersecurity solutions into your cloud offerings to enhance security for your clients and create a robust, revenue-generating offer.

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Why scale your cloud offerings by integrating a cybersecurity solution?

With 258 million business users, Microsoft 365 is the #1 target of hackers. To face the growing threats to Microsoft 365 users, integrating an innovative, easy-to-use cybersecurity solution with high technological value such as Vade for M365 makes it possible to protect your users and create a robust cybersecurity offering with a single solution.



What could be better than enriching your offer to improve your cloud revenues?

The addition of a security offering can both improve the value of your service for your clients and create new revenue opportunities for your business. By developing your own managed security services with Vade for M365, you ensure better revenue with less effort, thanks to a multi-tenant threat management portal, up-to-the-minute dashboards, custom reports, and integrated, no-cost features.



What will you find in your personalized guide?

This guide allows you to better understand the market context as well as the different types of threats targeting Microsoft 365. The purpose of this guide is to make you aware of a rapidly expanding market, the managed services that you can integrate into your catalogue of packaged offers, as well as a quick presentation of Vade solutions.


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