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Safe Unsubscribe

Safe Unsubscribe allows users to unsubscribe from all unwanted graymail in one click. The analytical process occurs in real time, providing feedback within 1.5 seconds to create an amazing user experience. Our service supports all unsubscribe methods, including email, direct web pages and web pages with forms.

As a leader in the filtering industry, Vade Secure makes user security and safety a priority. In order to keep users safe, our Safe Unsubscribe feature works on secured and validated senders.

Graymail box
Unsubscription confirmed
Unsubscription confirmed
Unsubscription confirmed
Selection of emails to unsubscribe
Unsubscribe in one click
Unsubscription process

1.4 s

average time to unsubscribe

4 X

better than other unsubscribe solutions

Vade Secure has developed innovative technologies in an effort to provide the highest success rates with the best response times, leading to a unique user experience:

A proprietary web browser to open web pages, determine the unsubscribe method, and complete the automated response quickly.
An artificial intelligence engine to analyze unknown web locations and an embedded Lua interpreter to complete the unsubscribe process.
CAPTCHA Resolution Service to resolve unsubscribe processes (including CAPTCHA).
SMTP Process for Mailto unsubscribe links and Reply-to processes. (Please see below)

Vade Secure handles each of the following unsubscribe scenarios:

Unsubscribe scenario
The entire unsubscribe process is simple to understand and includes the following steps:
1) Intelligent scenario: To achieve our high success rate, Vade Secure's Unsubscribe Team worked on generic analysis engines to process and identify all potential scenarios. The engine analyzes the web page and determines how to reach the confirmation message on the web page. The process ensures security by excluding any actions in the web page that could lead to undesirable behavior for the user, such as subscription confirmation.
2) Known Sender scenario: By aggregating the graymail senders reputation database in Vade Secure’s filter, the Unsubscribe Team built scenarios for every known sender.
3) Mailto scenario: When the subscription process is by email, the mailto processes the unsubscribe by using the email provided by the sender with the appropriate message.
4) Improvement scenario: Safe Unsubscribe improves every day. Each time the system encounters an unsubscribe request that it cannot process safely, it sends a summarized report to the sender or email service provider with documented information to make their unsubscribe scenario compatible and to encourage them to start a partnership with Vade Secure. Thanks to the tens of millions requests per month managed by Safe Unsubscribe, the relationship-building process with senders and ESPs has been successful in educating marketers to use safe practices.