Vade for M365 Now Includes Reported Emails Capability

Vade for M365 Now Includes Reported Emails Capability

New feature speeds up incident response time and improves security posture


December 1, 2022—San Francisco, Calif.—Vade, a global leader in threat detection and response with 1.4 billion mailboxes protected, today announced the latest addition to Vade for M365, Vade’s AI-powered email security solution for Microsoft 365. Leveraging its graph AI with Microsoft 365, Vade for M365 now features the ability to quickly triage and remediate emails reported from end users via Microsoft Outlook, speeding incident response time and significantly improving a business’s security posture.

According to a recent Vanson Bourne survey commissioned by Vade, 69% of SMBs said a serious security threat bypassed their email security solution. When this happens, businesses rely on end users to report those email threats to IT. For businesses using Microsoft 365, the challenge for IT is significant. 

With most third-party email security solutions for Microsoft 365, the process of responding to those reports is less than optimal. The emails must be reviewed individually, are not grouped by similar emails, and cannot be remediated from one dashboard. This negatively impacts IT productivity and significantly increases the time it takes to respond to security events, putting the business at risk. 

“Investigating and responding to user reported emails is complex and time-consuming for admins who manage email security,” said Adrien Gendre, Chief Technology and Product Officer and cofounder at Vade. “Time is of the essence in cybersecurity. When a user reports a potentially dangerous email, IT needs to respond immediately. The complexity of remediating user-reported emails in most solutions is not conducive to a speedy response.”

Reported emails is an aggregate view of user-reported emails in a single interface in Vade for M365. From the Reported emails dashboard, IT admins can set alerts for reported emails and quickly triage and remediate user reported emails from a single dashboard, reducing incident response time and eliminating email threats that have been forwarded to other users. Additionally, unreported emails that are similar to emails that have been reported are grouped into clusters, allowing admins to remediate threats in bulk.

Aggregating reported emails inside Vade for M365 ensures a timelier response to security incidents because admins will not lose precious time switching to Microsoft Exchange to review emails. And by clustering reported emails with similar, unreported emails, admins can respond to security incidents in bulk and remediate from a central location.

“Our goal is to eliminate complexity and increase efficiency for IT,” Gendre said. “Reported emails not only cuts out the complexity but also eliminates the need to switch between Microsoft Exchange and Vade for M365. The core incident response capabilities required to investigate and remediate threats at scale are available in Vade for M365. It’s not just a time-saver—it will significantly improve security.”

Reported emails is available today in Vade for M365. Learn more at

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