Vade Expands AI-Powered Security Capabilities to Web Browsing

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Vade Expands AI-Powered Security Capabilities to Web Browsing

New remote browser isolation add-on guards against zero-day threats and user compromise from email-based links

September 19, 2023 – San Francisco, Calif. – Vade, the global leader in email cybersecurity with more than 1.4 billion mailboxes protected, today announced the availability of their expanded security with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI). Vade’s RBI add-on to their flagship product, Vade for M365, provides an easy to deploy and seamless layer of additional security when users click or tap on links in their mailbox.

Web-based attacks are an increasing vector for fraud and credential theft, with web applications being the third most common vector for malware distribution and ransomware attacks according to a 2023 report. Email continues to be the primary vector for delivering risky links to users, with emerging and zero-day threats constantly testing the security perimeter.

“The only sure protection from threats that have not been seen before, and as such cannot be filtered or guarded against, is to isolate the user from the risk,” said Adrien Gendre, Chief Technology & Product Officer and cofounder at Vade. “Many solutions on the market today only consider the user that is on a desktop computer or laptop, and do not offer protections that extend to those checking email and reviewing documents and links from their mobile devices. In today’s hybrid and remote world, these users are a majority that cannot be ignored.”

Vade RBI offers robust threat protection from mailbox to browser, no matter the device being used. The solution combines Vade’s AI-powered phishing protection with single-click deployment, giving users a secure, sandboxed environment to browse the web or view PDFs without installing any new software on their desktop or mobile device. Vade RBI offers a number of benefits:

  • Simplified network security administration
  • Secure mobile device email access without requiring dedicated MDM software
  • Prevents zero-day threats originating from email
  • Prevents data leakage, improving security and policy compliance
  • Deploy in minutes with a single click
  • Blocks cookies and tracking, protecting user privacy


“Vade continues to protect users from today’s most advanced threats in innovative ways,” Georges Lotigier, CEO of Vade, explains. “The addition of Vade Remote Browser Isolation to our product lineup is the latest expansion of our sophisticated email security protections. With our AI-powered phishing protections expanded to protect against browser-based malware attacks, Vade’s umbrella of protection guards more users against more cyberattacks than ever.”


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Vade is a global cybersecurity company that secures human collaboration with a combination of AI and human-powered detection and response. Vade’s products and solutions protect consumers, businesses, and organizations from email-borne cyberattacks, including malware/ransomware, spear phishing/business email compromise, and phishing.

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