IsItPhishing Threat Detection

Phishing has surpassed ransomware as the main attack vector,
with cybercriminals moving from exploiting software vulnerabilities
to exploiting humans themselves.

Every day, your SOC has to process a growing number of alerts, analyze them,
and launch corrective actions. Containing and stopping compromise attempts
that threaten your business is an ongoing challenge.

IsItPhishing Threat Detection detects phishing pages
in real time to protect your employees and your IT system.


IsItPhishing Threat Detection: The New Weapon for SOCs (case study)

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Real-time analysis of Phishing URLs and web pages

IsItPhishing Threat Detection uses Artificial Intelligence and Smart Patterns to provide advanced protection against phishing, even in short-wave, highly targeted attacks. Thanks to the combination of these technologies, Vade Secure can ensure that no false positives are detected.

To make a decision, IsItPhishing performs a real-time analysis of the web page (URL sandboxing):

  • The service first compares the URL against Vade Secure’s real-time threat intelligence to immediately weed out known threats. On average, 10,000 new URLs are detected daily by Vade Secure and its technology partners.
  • Then, IsItPhishing Threat Detection performs a real-time analysis of the URL and page content, following all redirections to reach the final page and determine if it is malicious.

Smart patterns

The set of predictive heuristic rules developed by Vade Secure and updated daily analyzes key features of URLs and pages (e.g. redirects, file paths, scripts, etc.) to identify malicious content.

Machine learning

To provide maximum responsiveness to small-scale, unknown attacks, IsItPhishing Threat Detection uses artificial intelligence to make automatic decisions under the supervision of a team based around the world. Supervised machine learning algorithms analyze more than 40 characteristics of URLs and web pages (for example, how the page and form are created, use of URL redirects and shortcuts, the use of obfuscation techniques, etc.) to detect phishing.

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IsItPhishing Threat Detection offers our customers the following advantages:

  • Increased analyst productivity
    Real-time phishing detection capabilities significantly reduce the number of alerts and false positives analysts need to process.
  • Rapid detection of zero-day attacks
    Thanks to our predictive approach, IsItPhishing Threat Detection detects new phishing attacks from the first wave, allowing you to block new threats before your users click on them.
  • Universal anti-phishing defense
    Threat detection allows you to instantly detect phishing URLs and trigger automated workflows to block access across your entire network (email, web, etc.).
  • Real-time threat intelligence
    IsItPhishing Threat Detection leverages real-time threat intelligence from Vade Secure’s filtering engine and data from the 1 billion mailboxes it protects worldwide for ISP, OEM and corporate customers.

Protect your IT system from both known and unknown phishing attacks


Integrate data into your orchestration tools

IsItPhishing Threat Detection is

  • Available as a REST API for real-time analysis of web pages, IsItPhishing Threat Detection integrates into your orchestration scenarios and provides best-in-class detection of phishing pages.
  • A phishing detection solution that integrates easily with leading SIEM and SOAR solutions, , allowing you to enhance your organization’s security without disrupting your existing architecture. 


Example of using IsItPhishing Threat Detection within a SOC


IsItPhishing is based on patented technologies developed by Vade Secure, the leader in predictive defense that protects more than 1 billion mailboxes worldwide.

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