Email Security for Providers

Email is the top entry point for cyberattacks. With more than 1.5 million phishing sites created every month, your email users are at risk of seeing their personal and business data breached. Protect your customers from email-based cyberattacks and provide the seamless user experience they need to get the most out of their inbox.

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AI-based Email Filtering


Vade email security products and solutions protect more than 1.4 billion mailboxes across the globe, including the world’s largest ISPs. This critical data generated from 5 billion emails per day feeds our artificial intelligence engine, providing the core filter with a constant stream of threat intelligence to adapt to the latest threats. Discover Vade patented email security filter for ISPs and telcos.

The Vade Email Content Filter

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Artificial Intelligence

Analyzes emails, webpages, attachments, and images with machine learning and deep learning algorithms that are trained to detect behaviors and anomalies common to phishing, spear phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.

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Attachment Analysis

Conducts an examination of both the email and/or the attachment, scanning for malicious links and examining code in attachments such as PDFs, Word documents, and .zip files. Thanks to our behavioral AI engine, Vade often detects malware without analyzing the attachment itself.


Heuristics-based Behavioral Analysis

Performs behavioral analysis of emails, webpages, and attachments based on heuristic rules developed by Vade R&D. New heuristic rules are constantly created and used to fine-tune the filter based on the latest threats.



Analyzes URLs and webpages in real time, following URL redirects and other obfuscation techniques. IsItPhishing.AI feeds Vade’s AI engine and provides the R&D and SOC teams with the latest threat data to fine-tune the filter.

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Multiple integrations available

Vade’s content filter is available as a REST API service that can easily be integrated into your mail platform.

Comprehensive protection against dynamic email threats

Vade’s core filter engine combines local and global analysis to classify email messages and block dynamic threats. More than ten elements of emails and webpages are computed via heuristic analysis and artificial intelligence to render a verdict on safety and classification. Explore our solutions to learn more about how Vade detects and blocks dynamic email threats.


Block dynamic phishing attacks at the time of delivery.

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Anti-Malware / Ransomware

Block hard to detect polymorphic and zero day attacks.

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Anti-Spam and Graymail

Gain control over spamand non-priority emails.

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Additional Features

Your customers want a safe, seamless email experience, without latency from threat analysis or missed emails due to poor classification. Vade’s core filter engine is completely transparent as it works in the background to protect your users and filter emails into customizable folders.


  • Graymail Classification : Non-priority emails, such as advertisements and marketing emails, are classified into graymail folders to maintain a clutter-free inbox.
  • Transactional Email Detection : Transactional emails, such as travel and purchase, are detected and classified into designated folders for easy reference.
  • Safe Unsubscribe : Automatically unsubscribe users from email lists—without ever having to click a link in an unwanted email.

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Professional Services & Support

Personalized Account Services

Provides customized project consulting before, during, and after migration and implementation to ensure the content filter is adapted to your unique email environment and operates at peak performance.

Technical Support

Includes 24/7 global technical support and continual maintenance, with SLA.

Preventative Services

Monitors and manages the performance and maintenance of the content filter and track KPIs with preventative services, managed by Vade.

24/7 Global Threat Center (SOC)

Using a follow-the-sun organization between Lille, France; Montreal, Canada; San Francisco, CA; and Tokyo, Japan; Vade monitors global email threats, responds to reports, and continually updates the filter based on the latest threat intelligence detected by and reported to Vade.