Email Security for Service Providers (FAI, SOC)

Protect your users from malware, ransomware, targeted attacks
and even spam. Simplify your email management
for each of your customers using Vade Secure’s products.

Download the file “Fight against phishing for ISP’s”.

Email Security Content Filtering SDK

The best predictive defense solution on the email security market. A combination of technologies developed such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristic algorithms, predictive models, real-time reputation, exploring URL’s and domain names, and detection with counter-measures. These features are available for internet operators and service providers in SDK mode.

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IsItPhishing API and Feed

Explores URL’s and attachments at the time of click (TimeOfClick) which helps your users to protect against known and unknown phishing.

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Graymail Management

Thanks to artificial intelligence, heuristic algorithms (over 10,000 rules), header recognition and dynamic analysis of the IP reputation and the reputation of URL’s, the Graymail Classification product allows your users to explore a non-priority email space in a completely transparent way, separating social notes, advertising, forum messages and receipt of bulk emails.

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Safe Unsubscribe

Unsubscribing with 1 click is provided to all your users. Safe Unsubscribe also verifies the URL’s for unsubscribing to ensure that your users’ emails are protected.

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