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Threat Coach:
Automated Phishing Awareness Training

How many of your clients’ have invested in phishing awareness training, only to report that users are still clicking on phishing links? That’s because most training sessions are simulated phishing exercises—overly general, delivered in structured sessions, and detached from reality.

For phishing training to be effective, it must be delivered when users need it most: when they’ve been phished.

Delivering personalized training content

An integrated feature of Vade Secure for Microsoft 365, Threat Coach is like a personal cybersecurity coach that gives users gentle nudges when they exhibit risky behavior, such as opening a phishing email or clicking on a malicious link.

Unlike generic phishing awareness training, Threat Coach delivers short, interactive learning content that helps users course-correct without pulling them away from their job. And because the content is personalized and based on the brand impersonated in the malicious email, users are more likely to retain the training content and avoid making the same mistake twice.

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Threat Coach Dashboard

Featuring real samples culled from Vade’s footprint of 1 billion protected mailboxes, Threat Coach is a gamified experience that tests users’ instincts on how to identify phishing emails and web pages while reinforcing best practices.

Reinforcing phishing awareness at the moment of need

Because it’s contextualized, gamified, and delivered on the fly at the moment of need, Threat Coach training is much more likely to be retained than traditional security awareness training.

Key benefits and features for end clients

  • On the fly: Delivers content at the moment of need—when a user opens or clicks a phishing email. Because the training is connected to this emotional event, the information is more likely to be retained.

  • Contextualized and gamified: Generates personalized content based on email attack type and user behavior, a gamified experience that tests users’ instincts in a short, interactive format, reinforcing best practices.

  • Dynamic content using real examples: Features real phishing emails, dynamically rendered from Vade’s global footprint of 1 billion mailboxes. New samples are captured each day to ensure the content remains up-to-date with the latest phishing email examples and techniques.

Key benefits and features for MSPs

  • Fully automated: Requires no manual set-up or ongoing administration by MSPs. If risky users need additional training, MSPs can manually trigger new campaigns.

  • Complements existing phishing training platforms: For MSPs who currently use a third-party phishing training platform, Threat Coach reinforces cybersecurity best practices and phishing awareness between scheduled training sessions and simulations.

  • Creates added value without added costs: Because Threat Coach is an integrated feature of Vade Secure for Microsoft 365, it empowers MSPs to offer clients added value without incurring added costs from a third-party training platform.

Powered by AI, enhanced by user feedback

Threat Coach is made possible by Vade Secure’s 1 billion protected mailboxes, which feed Vade’s AI engine with a continual stream of threat intelligence from detected threats and user feedback.
With a combination of AI and human intelligence, Threat Coach steps in when users need it most, training users with real threats captured by Vade Secure and reinforcing the best practices that lapse between scheduled training.

See how Threat Coach delivers phishing training

when users need it most.

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