Brute force

What is Brute force?

Brute force refers to an attack that aims to gain unauthorized access to an account or encryption key. The attack method uses a trial-and-error approach in which hackers attempt to guess password combinations. Brute force attacks can be used to launch a host of malicious activities, such as harvesting data, spreading malware and ransomware, diverting website traffic, and more. While brute force attacks have existed for many years, they’ve grown more sophisticated with the aid of software that enhances the speed and accuracy of this kind of attack. Common protections against brute force attacks include anti-virus software, anti-phishing solutionsanti-malware and ransomware solutions, good cyber hygiene, and user awareness training.

Brute Force Attacks - what are they and how to prevent them


How to prevent Brute force attacks

Preventing these prevalent security threats is easier than remedying attacks after they occur. While brute force attempts can vary in their complexity and success rate, there are measures every organization can take to minimize the likelihood of falling victim to one. Let’s highlight some best practices.

Once hackers gain unauthorized access to an account, they can launch insider attacks through phishing campaigns, spear phishing attacks, and other email-borne threats. That’s why your organization should adopt AI-threat detection and response technology, which enables you to limit the consequences of a compromised account. 

Vade for M365for example, uses a core set of AI technologies to detect and neutralize all email-borne threats, including those not yet seen in the wild. Because the solution integrates with Microsoft 365, it provides protection within the productivity suite against internal threats and insider attacks.

About Vade

Vade for M365 is powered by a collaborative AI engine that continuously learns from an alliance of more than 1.4 billion protected mailboxes, millions of daily user reports, and a team of cybersecurity analysts. Combining AI-powered email security and integrated features that are made for MSPs, you’ll save time, reduce admin workload, and get more ROI from cybersecurity.

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