Cybersecurity Glossary

To implement effective cybersecurity solutions built for the digital world, it’s important to understand common industry concepts and definitions. This glossary provides you with cybersecurity terms to be aware of as you look to protect your organization against cyber threats.

What is incident response?

Incident response is how an organization responds to a successful cyberattack or breach. This includes minimizing the negative impact, addressing the root causes, and preventing further damage and cyberattacks in the future. Incident response works to limit both the tangible repercussions of a cyberattack, such as costs and time, as well as minimize damage to elements like brand reputation and consumer trust.

What is an insider threat?

An insider threat is typically a current or former employee of an organization that has the means to cause damage to the organization’s internal systems or leak sensitive information. Insider threats can also be former contractors, vendors, or partners who are able to access the organization’s sensitive data. An effective way to avoid insider threats is to ensure people who no longer require login credentials have their access to internal systems and data platforms revoked.

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