Cybersecurity Glossary

To implement effective cybersecurity solutions built for the digital world, it’s important to understand common industry concepts and definitions. This glossary provides you with cybersecurity terms to be aware of as you look to protect your organization against cyber threats.


Keylogger, also referred to as keystroke logging, is a tool used by cybercriminals to track and record a user’s computer activity in order to gain access to sensitive information. A form of spyware, keyloggers record every keystroke made by a user. Cybercriminals use keyloggers to steal user credentials, record sensitive information such as credit card numbers, track online browsing activity, and more. Keyloggers are often used to carry out malicious activities and can be difficult to detect, but with effective user awareness training and sophisticated cybersecurity solutions in place, your organization can minimize the likelihood of keyloggers exploiting your users.

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