Cybersecurity Glossary

To implement effective cybersecurity solutions built for the digital world, it’s important to understand common industry concepts and definitions. This glossary provides you with cybersecurity terms to be aware of as you look to protect your organization against cyber threats.


As its name suggests, ransomware is a type of malware that blocks a user’s access to company files until a ransom is paid.

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Cybersecurity remediation

Cybersecurity remediation refers to your organization’s ability to quickly and effectively address cyberattacks after they’ve occurred. Whether it’s remedying a data breach, malware attack, or security lapse, cybersecurity remediation seeks to detect and neutralize attacks before they inflict more harm. This is important to ensure that cyberattacks don’t cause further damage to your IT infrastructure after they occur. Successful cybersecurity remediation relies on continuous visibility of your systems, networks, and devices, as well as the proper upkeep of software and hardware to ensure they’re equipped with the latest security patches.

Remote access Trojan (RAT)

A remote access Trojan, or RAT, is a type of malware that enables a cybercriminal to fully take control of a user’s device remotely in order to carry out a variety of malicious actions. Typically downloaded as seemingly innocuous files or programs, RATs have become increasingly difficult to detect and remove from a user’s device. Once an RAT attack has been carried out, the cybercriminal can access sensitive data, make payments, delete files, and more.

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