Cybersecurity Glossary

To implement effective cybersecurity solutions built for the digital world, it’s important to understand common industry concepts and definitions. This glossary provides you with cybersecurity terms to be aware of as you look to protect your organization against cyber threats.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

XDR (Extended Detection and Response), is a cross-layered cybersecurity tool used by organizations to enhance the security posture of their entire infrastructure. With greater oversight and visibility of data across a multitude of sources, XDR enables organizations to better identify and respond to cybersecurity threats in a more streamlined fashion. XDR makes it possible to achieve a birds-eye view of your cybersecurity posture, while lessening the manual burden placed on cybersecurity personnel to ensure airtight security. An effective XDR strategy enhances the detection and response capabilities of your organization which is crucial in order to minimize security lapses between your cybersecurity solutions.

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