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Cybercrime Statistics: Top Threats and Costliest Scams of 2020

Phishing attacks doubled, COVID scams raged, and ransomware wreaked havoc in 2020. According to the FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Repo...

April 08, 2021


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Safe Unsubscribe Introduction

Safe Unsubscribe Introduction


May 28, 2015

Vade Secure Safe Unsubscribe is a service provided by Vade Secure to any Internet service provider. This service allows the end user to unsubscribe from any newsletter or commercial email in one click, without having to seek the u[...]

Vade Secure Unveils Next-Generation Email Management To The US


September 16, 2014

Unlike Spam, Graymail are solicited and legitimate marketing e-mails (newsletters, ads, event reminders, social networks notifications…). In the business world, it is responsible for 50% of all emails in a user’s primary inbox. It[...]

Phishing - Perspectives From Our Experts


March 26, 2013

Most IT security experts agree that "man" is the biggest vulnerability of any computer system whatsoever. Cybercriminals have well understood it, the development of phishing attacks illustrates this. The phenomenon is booming. Acc[...]

Analysis of an Illegal Online Pharmacy


April 20, 2012

The economic model of spammers is partly based on online stores for drugs purchase - such as the famous Viagra - but also replicas of luxury items. These shops are obviously illegal: copyright violations, submitting fake certifica[...]

Analysis of an Active Malware Campaign


March 12, 2012

A major malware campaign is beeing conducted since several weeks. Beyond the facts, that is the operating mode that draws our attention as it demonstrates the growing sophistication of spammers. Following the example of fast flux [...]

How to Measure the Quality of Anti-Spam


September 26, 2011

An anti-spam solution is a filtering engine which detects all unsolicited e-mails. The entity hosting the anti-spam solution then decides to perform operations with such e-mails.

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