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Microsoft Exchange Hack Reveals the Drawbacks of Being #1

Microsoft Exchange Hack Reveals Drawbacks of Being #1


April 01, 2021

The Microsoft Exchange hack reported in March 2020 is just one of many recent assaults on Microsoft by cyber espionage groups. If the SolarWinds hack of December 2020 didn’t make it abundantly clear, this latest hack proves that M[...]

Defending against email spoofing


November 05, 2020

Email spoofing is a technique for forging an email header to trick recipients into believing a sender is a familiar brand or acquaintance. It’s a critical element of both phishing and spear phishing attacks that can be extremely d[...]

3 Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 Features That Help MSPs Sell Email Security


July 23, 2020

Convincing SMBs that they’re vulnerable to cyberattacks can be a challenge—convincing them to invest in more cybersecurity can be even harder. To convince them of both, MSPs can take advantage of three features that reveal the ful[...]

Office 365 Phishing Attacks: How Hackers Get Access to Your Business


July 02, 2020

With 258 million corporate users, the highly popular Microsoft Office 365 platform has become a target-rich environment for sophisticated phishing attacks. On top of all the standard phishing and spear phishing threats, Office 365[...]

Boosting Email Security and MSP Margins for Office 365


January 23, 2020

More than 485,000 US businesses have adopted Office 365, along with more than 102,000 in the UK, 16,400 in Germany, and 11,500 in France. With SMBs making up 60 percent of the global workforce, Office 365 has created a windfall fo[...]

The Feedback Loop: Reporting Email Threats with One Click in Vade Secure for Office 365


November 28, 2019

Reporting malicious emails is critical to the overall security of an organization. Security awareness training will help staff recognize email threats, but getting staff to actually report them to IT is another matter.

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