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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Cybersecurity: Defending Your Top Vulnerability

Microsoft 365 is the world's most popular productivity suite with more than 345 million users. Yet its popularity has...

MSP Cybersecurity

4 Vade for M365 Features That Help MSPs Sell Email Security

In the past, convincing SMBs that they were vulnerable to cyberattacks proved challenging, but not quite as difficult...

Microsoft 365 phishing email: how hackers are using a 20-year-old text trick

In the email security game between hackers and users, adversaries employ various forms of masquerading with a file to...

MSP Cybersecurity

The Massive Channel Opportunity with Microsoft 365

Already a dominant player in the office suite market, Microsoft peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. MSPs...

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Exchange Hack Reveals Drawbacks of Being #1

The Microsoft Exchange hack reported in March 2020 is just one of many recent assaults on Microsoft by cyber espionage...


Defending against email spoofing

Email spoofing is a technique for forging an email header to trick recipients into believing a sender is a familiar...

Microsoft 365

Office 365 Phishing Attacks: How Hackers Get Access to Your Business

With 258 million corporate users, the highly popular Microsoft platform has become a target-rich environment for...