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BEC: The Impact of Foreign Languages on English-First Algorithms

BEC: The Impact of Foreign Languages on English-First Algorithms


January 07, 2021

Unlike other types of email threats, BEC (business email compromise) emails typically feature only a few lines of text, with no URLs, attached files, or other scannable elements. As a result, email security vendors have turned to [...]

Defending against email spoofing


November 05, 2020

Email spoofing is a technique for forging an email header to trick recipients into believing a sender is a familiar brand or acquaintance. It’s a critical element of both phishing and spear phishing attacks that can be extremely d[...]

Business Email Compromise: An Old Threat Finds New Targets


July 16, 2020

Business Email Compromise or BEC presents a radically more sophisticated version of the age-old “Nigerian Prince” scam. According to the FBI, US businesses lost $1.7 billion from business email compromise in 2019. This figure repr[...]
CEO Fraud

Top Tricks Used in CEO Fraud


July 09, 2020

CEO fraud is a type of spear phishing attack in which a hacker impersonates a CEO via email and persuades a victim to perform a transaction, typically financial. One of the costliest email attacks, CEO fraud is a form of business [...]

Pretexting: 5 Examples of Social Engineering Tactics


June 04, 2020

Pretexting is a form of social engineering used to manipulate victims into divulging sensitive information. Hackers often research their victims in advance of their first conversation. This gives the hacker a sense of the victim’s[...]

Why Your New Employee is a Perfect Target for a Spear Phishing Attack


December 19, 2019

When we land a new job, we’re eager to share the good news. From LinkedIn to Twitter, new hire will reveal their start date, job location (including relocation plans), and new position title. It’s everything a hacker needs to know[...]

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