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Vade Uncovers Ongoing Direct Deposit Spear Phishing Attacks

For some unfortunate employees, cybercriminals have found a way to make even payday a miserable experience. In a...


What solutions do SOCs have to combat phishing?

Corporate security strategies have evolved to take into account their growing needs in terms of automation of...

Spear Phishing

[video] Spear Phishing Detection with Vade for Office 365

Vade for Office 365 is the only email security solution that sits inside Office 365, thanks to its native integration...

Spear Phishing

What’s the Difference Between Phishing and Spear Phishing?

How many people can really identify phishing and spear phishing emails, much less understand the nuanced differences...

Spear Phishing

Defending against insider email threats

Research done by Intel revealed that an astonishing 97% of computer users cannot identify phishing emails. When the...

Spear Phishing

Gift Card Scams: A Spear Phishing Attack Hits Close to Home

At Vade, we’re no strangers to spear phishing attacks. Our email security solutions identify these threats all the...


Secure email: AI in cybersecurity and  training algorithms

In a previous post we discussed artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how these emerging technologies are...