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Microsoft 365

Email security in Office 365: strengths and weaknesses

According to an analysis conducted by IBM Security, the number of emails containing ransomware has increased 6,000%...

Microsoft 365

Is your email safe?

Email is one of the most common forms of business communication today. And we often take for granted that it is a...


Office 365 Phishing

Like a fisherman hoping for his next big catch, cybercriminals attempt to lure users with legitimate-looking mass...

Microsoft 365

Office 365 Security Best Practices

Committing to Office 365 security best practices is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your data. Here are...

Microsoft 365

Microsoft email security for Office 365

Email security is an increasingly important issue as we learn of new breaches occurring every day. This issue is not...


Seeking Effective Office 365 Phishing Protection

One of the more irritating aspects of being hacked is dealing with the attacker’s sense of humor. It’s not enough for a...