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Email Security

Mitigating the Dangers of an Insider Threat

The term “insider threat” in email security brings to mind malicious employees, but the truth is more complicated....

Spear Phishing

Business Email Compromise: An Old Threat Finds New Targets

Business Email Compromise or BEC presents a radically more sophisticated version of the age-old “Nigerian Prince”...

MSP Cybersecurity

The XaaS Consumption Model: Monetizing the Seat

Research has shown that there are 78 million SMB users—or seats—in the US market, each with an average technology...

Email Security

3 Ways an Email Feedback Loop Boosts Security Awareness

Reporting an email threat is one of the most important steps users can take to help secure their businesses and...

Email Security

Why It’s So Hard to Spot a Spoofed Email

Email spoofing is single most common feature between phishing and spear phishing emails. The methods hackers use to...

Email Security

Multiphase Attacks: One Email Ignites Chaos in Microsoft 365

A multiphase attack combines phishing with spear phishing and insider attack techniques. Difficult to detect and...

Email Security

How Teleworking Is Fueling Social Engineering

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended nearly every phase of life. Businesses were forced to scramble to create optimal...