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Email Security

Cybercrime Statistics: Top Threats and Costliest Scams of 2020

Phishing attacks doubled, COVID scams raged, and ransomware wreaked havoc in 2020. According to the FBI’s 2020 Internet...

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Exchange Hack Reveals Drawbacks of Being #1

The Microsoft Exchange hack reported in March 2020 is just one of many recent assaults on Microsoft by cyber espionage...

Email Security

An Update on Logo Detection Technology

Web scanners analyze dozens of webpage elements to determine whether it is a phishing page, including the URL, page...

Email Security

Email Whitelisting and the Risks of Automating Trust

Email whitelisting is the process of adding an email address to your approved senders list. In theory, it’s a smart...

Email Security

eBay Scams Surged in 2020

eBay, the global marketplace that has been eclipsed by Amazon in recent years, saw a resurgence in Q2 2020. Spurred by...

Email Security

Why Invisibility Is Essential in Supply Chain Security

The SolarWinds breach discovered in December 2020 was a stunning feat of cyber warfare that went undetected for nine...

Email Security

Remote Images Are Pushing Email Filters to Their Limits

Phishing emails impersonating popular brands like Microsoft or PayPal need visual content to be successful. From brand...