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MSP Cybersecurity

How MSPs Can Sell Cybersecurity to Overly Optimistic SMBs

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “It won’t happen to us.” This is a common refrain among SMBs that are...

MSP Cybersecurity

Microsoft Inspire 2019: The Future of Partnership

In July, I had the pleasure of participating in Microsoft Inspire 2019, a conference dedicated to partners and...

MSP Cybersecurity

Post-delivery Threat Remediation Puts MSPs Back in Control

One of the biggest complaints we hear about secure email gateways is that they produce an excess of false positives...

MSP Cybersecurity

Why MSPs should move away from secure email gateways

An opportunity for growth awaits MSPs that deliver strong cybersecurity protections for SMBs, not limited to secure...

MSP Cybersecurity

SMBs Look to MSPs for Cybersecurity Support

Lacking the financial and IT resources of enterprises, half of SMBs say they have no understanding of how to...