MSP Cybersecurity

Scaling Managed Security Services

Natalie Petitto

November 09, 2021

1 min

Cybersecurity presents one of the biggest opportunities for growth for MSPs. Scaling managed security services, however, is easier said than done. The scale and breadth of attacks are always increasing, creating an array of issues for MSPs, interrupting business operations, and stalling business initiatives.

Why the scale is tipped in favor of the enemy

Managing cybersecurity for just one business is a feat in itself. MSPs, of course, manage cybersecurity for multiple, if not dozens, of clients. From software to services, cybersecurity is complex, and this complexity causes many MSPs who offer managed security services to spend more time responding to issues than running their businesses. It’s a recipe for stunted business growth.

Managing staff, tools, clients, and vendors takes time away from the business initiatives that MSPs need to focus on in order to grow. When cybersecurity issues arise, whether in home or client territory, the challenges compound. This gives cybercriminals the upper hand and shifts an MSP’s focus from business management to damage control:  

  • Configuring, monitoring, and maintaining cybersecurity software is complex and time-consuming.
  • Investigating and responding to threats eats into revenue-generating projects.
  • Untrained end users and poor cybersecurity practices put clients in constant danger.

Time is money

Time is of the essence in cybersecurity, but it’s in short supply for MSPs. If you’re spending all your time managing tools and investigating threats—both real and imagined—your margins are thinning.

The time you and your staff spend on cybersecurity tools is a good indicator of whether a tool is serving you or whether it is the other way around. For MSPs to be successful with managed security services, they need cybersecurity tools that are designed for MSPs.

In this eBook, we examine how MSPs can take advantage of the managed security opportunities with Microsoft 365 and create a scalable managed security service with tools that are purpose-built for MSPs. You’ll learn: 

  • How managed security services are spurring growth among MSPs.
  • Why Microsoft 365 is a top opportunity for business growth.
  • How to get more managed services revenue from email security services.
  • How to create a robust managed security service with Vade for M365.

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