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MSP Cybersecurity

How MSPs Can Use Data in their Cybersecurity Sales Conversations

Among the top issues that keep MSPs up at night, cybersecurity ranks first—and for good reason. As attacks on...

MSP Cybersecurity

5 MSP Profit Margin Killers: What to Avoid in Cybersecurity

This post has been updated since it first appeared in June 2021.


H1 2023 Phishing and Malware Report: Phishing Threats Increase 54%

In H1 2023, Vade detected a significant number of phishing and malware threats. Phishing volumes increased by more than...


M365 Phishing Tactics: Phishing Email Analysis – eevilcorp

Vade’s Threat Intelligence and Response Center (TIRC) has detected a new Microsoft 365 phishing attack. The TIRC...

MSP Cybersecurity

Boosting MSP Margins with Email Security for Microsoft 365

This post has been updated since it originally appeared in December 2021.

Email Security

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2023: Our Top Takeaways

Each year the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report presents a snapshot of global cybersecurity. After the recent...