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Malware - Ransomware

Malware Analysis, Part 1: Understanding Code Obfuscation Techniques

In a preceding article, we conducted a study on a malicious email and noted that code could be executed when...

Malware - Ransomware

Mid-2018 trend: Ransomware giving way to phishing attacks

After a year riddled by ransomware attacks such as Jaff, Locky, Wannacry and Petrwarp in 2017, 2018 is giving way to...

Malware - Ransomware

Artificial intelligence effectively protects enterprise email

Email is the first attack vector exploited by pirates, but the continuing war they are waging against traditional...

Malware - Ransomware

6 Reasons Why It’s Important to Upgrade Your Email Security

When’s the last time you evaluated your email security? Most organizations’ IT professionals trust the security...

Malware - Ransomware

Predictive Email Defense for Office 365 Ransomware Attacks

It’s the big day. In a couple hours, you’re scheduled to present a report to upper-management that could put you in...

Malware - Ransomware

Best ransomware protection software

Ransomware has made a few major appearances in the global media this year. You may remember the WannaCry virus, which...