Today Is the Day! Our New Website Is Live!

Vade Secure’s transformation to Vade is officially complete. Our new website and brand are now live and ready to share with the world. As you can see, it’s a big change, but it was well worth the effort.

From Vade Secure to Vade: A long journey

The decision to rebrand is one that we did not take lightly. Originally founded in France in 2004 with previous ownership, Vade began as a spam-detection vendor serving the ISP market. The Vade Filter Engine, one of the few behavioral-based email filters on the market, is now used by the world’s largest ISPs in Europe, Japan, and the Americas.

Far from being a spam filter, the Vade Filter Engine today features multiple AI technologies, including Machine Learning and Computer Vision, to protect users around the world from sophisticated email threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware.

Protecting 1 billion mailboxes protected around the globe and scanning 100 billion emails per day, the Vade Filter Engine gives us access to an unprecedented amount of data and a global view of email threats. In 2018, we harnessed this data to bring the filter to the corporate market with Vade for M365, an API-based threat detection and response solution for Microsoft 365.

Today, managed service providers around the world choose Vade for M365 to protect their Microsoft 365 clients and grow their managed security services with a solution that is purpose-built for MSPs. With a long history of success in the ISP market and growing footprint in the channel, we resolved to bring this into focus with a new name and a new brand that reflects where we’re from—and where we’re going.

Introducing Vade

Our new brand identity captures our transition from the singular focus on email security to the development of holistic cybersecurity solutions. We’ve gone through several iterations of our logo since 2004. As you can see, it was a bit dark; the red, black, and gray being symbolic of alarm or danger. Think of a stop sign or warning symbol—both red, both resulting in consequences if ignored.

Old Vade Secure logo 


But cybersecurity shouldn’t be scary. Cybersecurity is serious business, true, and ignoring it could lead to consequences. Vade approaches cybersecurity with a positive lens. We are in the business of beating hackers at their own game. We do this by staying one step ahead of them and moving forward with new technology at a greater speed than our adversaries move with menace.

New Vade logo  


Our new logo reflects our positivity and purpose. Vade develops the products and tools to keep you safe. Together, we will break new ground in cybersecurity and keep your business moving forward, without threats or interruptions.

Where we’re going

2020 changed everything—for everyone. As businesses big and small from every corner of the world learned, cybersecurity cannot be ignored. Like so many cybersecurity vendors, Vade moved quickly to address the growing cyberattacks resulting from the pandemic, including blocking 42.8 million phishing emails in April 2020.

We created new algorithms to identify emerging COVID-19 attacks and a Current Events feature in Vade for M365 that enables MSPs to hunt and remove COVID-themed threats from their clients’ Microsoft 365 tenants. In the summer of 2020, Vade successfully thwarted tens of thousands of URLs and attachments weaponized with Emotet malware and targeting Microsoft users, shortly before the group behind Emotet was dismantled by law enforcement.

While remote work seemed like a novelty that would fade when global economies recovered from the pandemic, the opposite is true. It is the new normal, and businesses must adjust. With MSPs being a core component of our product strategy, Vade is developing new Vade for M365 features that will empower MSPs to better protect their clients and operationalize their managed security offerings. And, they can do it without incurring costs from new tools or hiring expert security staff.

Technology alone won’t solve the problem of cybersecurity, but people and technology working in unison is a formidable foe. It’s this union—AI and human intelligence—that serves as the backbone of all our products and solutions.