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Five Years Later, Ashley Madison Data Breach Fuels New Extortion Scam


January 31, 2020

In our email security predictions 2020, Vade Secure Tech Evangelist Sebastien Gest posited that data breaches in 2019 would fuel new cyberattacks in 2020. Gest’s prediction is already proving accurate with the exception of one det[...]

3 Ways Cybercriminals Hack into Netflix Accounts


August 15, 2019

Today’s Internet users aren’t the surfers of the past: we are consumers, and hackers understand this. When one person is shopping on Amazon, another is shopping on Alibaba. When one person is watching the new popular series on Ama[...]
Spear Phishing Attacks

Vade Secure Uncovers Ongoing Direct Deposit Spear Phishing Attacks


April 04, 2019

For some unfortunate employees, cybercriminals have found a way to make even payday a miserable experience. In a previous iteration of the direct deposit payroll phishing attack, they harvested login credentials from employees to [...]
The Case of British Airways

The Case of British Airways, a Cyberattack Not Quite Like Others


October 03, 2018

British Airways admitted last week that the personal data and credit card information of 380,000 customers had been stolen from its site over a period of 15 days, from August 21 to September 5. The announcement made a lot of noise[...]

Analysis of a malicious email


September 04, 2018

Over the past few months we have seen that the waves of malspam are becoming increasingly sophisticated. A new modus operandi, more elaborate than previously, has been identified this summer and deserves being looked at more close[...]

Cybersecurity: 4 trends to watch in 2018


February 07, 2018

With the increasing number of zero-day loopholes and the proliferation of source code (NSA Leaks), we are witnessing a significant increase in the volume of malware targeting corporate mailboxes.

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