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Email Security

Email Threats and the Weaponization of AI: how organizations can protect themselves

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long served as an equalizer in cybersecurity. Hackers possess an inherent advantage in...

Email Security

Keylogger Attacks: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

Keylogger attacks use a common and especially invasive type of malware to exploit victims. From harvesting user...

Email Security

Messy Breakups: A History of Hacker Relationships Gone Bad

The rise of sophisticated cybercriminal organizations such as Wizard Spider and LockBit are creating havoc for...


What is a Vishing Attack, How Do You Defend Against It?

Big companies like Cisco and Twilio have grabbed headlines after recently falling victim to a vishing attack, but these...

Spear Phishing

BEC Scam: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Imagine your employee receives an email from you instructing them to pay an outstanding vendor invoice. You’re...

Malware - Ransomware

Data Exfiltration: Why Ransomware is About More Than the Ransom

If you’re like most organizations, the term “ransomware” conjures up nightmares of hackers infiltrating your network,...

Email Security

Email security predictions 2023: 4 must-see trends shaping the industry

Keeping up with the latest developments in email security is mission-critical for your business. In H1 2022, Vade...