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Email Security

Auto-Remediate With Computer Vision Is Live in Vade for M365

Now available in Vade for M365, Computer Vision is now plugged into Auto-Remediate. Auto-Remediate with Computer Vision...

MSP Cybersecurity

New Feature! MSP Response Helps MSPs Operationalize Managed Security

We’re thrilled to announce that our latest feature for Vade for M365 is now live. MSP Response centralizes Vade for...

Email Security

An Update on Logo Detection Technology

Web scanners analyze dozens of webpage elements to determine whether it is a phishing page, including the URL, page...

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing Typology Detection added to Vade for M365

New in Vade for Microsoft 365, our spear phishing engine now classifies spear phishing emails according to threat...

MSP Cybersecurity

Reporting Threats with One Click in Vade for M365

Reporting malicious emails is critical to the overall security of an organization. Security awareness training will...