Vade Secure for Office 365 is the only email security solution that sits inside Office 365, thanks to its native integration with the Microsoft API. The solution leverages machine learning algorithms to provide best-in-class protection against advanced email threats, including phishing, spear phishing, malware, and even insider attacks. In this two-minute video, we highlight the solution’s advanced spear phishing detection capabilities.

Spear phishing detection: how it works

Whereas phishing is a mass distribution exercise that involves casting a wider net, spear phishing is highly targeted. Spear phishing attacks target key individuals, pretending to be a person of authority in order to coax them into completing a wire transfer or transferring confidential information. Typically, phishers go after someone whom they perceive as “weak,” perhaps someone who is neither technical nor hyperaware of these types of threats. Often, these are individuals such as accountants, lawyers, marketers and so forth.

Hackers use several spoofing techniques in spear phishing emails. Exact sender or domain spoofing are easy to detect, especially now that SPF and DKIM are more widely enforced.

To detect visible alias spoofing and cousin domains, Vade Secure for Office 365 builds an anonymous profile that establishes the normal communication patterns for each user. If anomalies or suspicious activity is detected, a warning banner is displayed in the email alerting the recipient.

To ensure that Vade Secure remains transparent to users, the text, logo, and color of the spear phishing banner can be customized in the admin console. You can also define what action is taken for each spoofing technique.

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